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General Working English

This is an intensive course specially designed for working people from a wide range of professional backgrounds. This course suits people who use a foreign language in their jobs but do not want a course concentrating on commercial and business only. Participants like to learn in small groups at an accelerated pace.

Participants work in small groups and the course concentrates on developing key language and practical skills in situations where English is used around the world, enabling participants to function more effectively in a wide variety of situations.

The course can be upgraded by taking one-to-one tuition to cover specific needs.

  • improve language and communications skills
  • improve the language in a general context
  • building up control over the existing language repertoire
  • focus on active speaking and vocabulary development
  • English for work and business
  • main focus is improving communication skills
  • Start every Monday guaranteed

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  • USA
  • Australien
  • Kanada

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