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A language study trip is about more than «just» learning a language – it's an experience. Boa Lingua helps make sure that your experience is a successful one and that you can enjoy your trip with nothing to worry about. Improve your language skills in 30 different countries at over 300 prestigious language schools. 

Here’s why you should learn languages with Boa Lingua:


Questions about language study trips

What is a language study trip?

On a language study trip, you spend a certain period of time abroad and attend a language school there. At the same time, not only do you learn a new foreign language such as English or French, but you also immerse yourself in a different culture, get to know local people and perhaps even find a home from home.

Why should I do a language study trip?

A language study trip is about much more than «just» learning a language – it's an experience. For the experience alone, a language trip is worthwhile. You treat yourself to a little downtime, gain some life experience and simply have a break from your everyday routine. And, more than that: a study has shown that language trips abroad are far more efficient than doing a language course here at home.

What are the benefits of a language study trip?

In addition to the personal experience that you gain on a language study trip, you will improve your language skills. This will benefit you in many areas of your life afterwards: professionally, when you travel or in terms of self-esteem. Especially in professional life, language diplomas are highly regarded because they provide evidence of your particular language skills. A diploma course will help you to prepare specifically for a language diploma. But whether you are working for a diploma or not, you will find it easiest to learn a language in the place where it is spoken. During a language study trip of just two to three weeks, you will learn as much as you would learn in Switzerland in a whole year. Why is that? On a language study trip, you don't just go to the language classes, but you are surrounded by the language all day long. You go shopping "in English" on a language study trip to England, do sport "in French" on a language trip to France or meet new people "in Spanish" in South America. 

Language study trips: what do I need to know?

Your language study trip will not be the same as any other language study trip, because each one is different. That's why it’s important to think first about what your aims and requirements are. There are not only differences between the destinations but also in your choice of language course ("Do I want to gain a language diploma or not?"), language school, type of accommodation and leisure activities. That's why we recommend that you consult us for free advice. Our customer advisers will help you to find the language study trip that is right for you.

Where should I do my language study trip?

The choice of destination depends on your objectives. That means not just the language but also your own preferences and wishes for the time you spend on your language study trip. That is why it is essential that you take account of the climate, weather, local circumstances and distance from where you live, when making your decision, so that you can choose the ideal destination for your language trip.

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Why do a language study trip with Boa Lingua?

Boa Lingua passes on the prices set by its partner schools to you 1:1. 

Your "language study trip" experience begins before you even set off. Come and see us at ten locations in Switzerland. 

Find the perfect language study trip! The customer advisers who will be helping you speak from experience. 

Learn a language where it is spoken! With Boa Lingua you have a partner by your side who is outstanding for quality, service and experience.


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