Country Overview English language courses

Language course Australia

There is still a lot left to discover in Australia. The huge continent simply offers too many deserted coastlines, seemingly endless stretches of desert as well as tropical rainforests.

Language course New Zealand

All the treasures that nature has to offer seem to be gathered in New Zealand. The phenomenal flora and fauna has always fascinated visitors.

Language course USA

In the Land of Extremes, urban chaos coalesces in a unique way with nearly deserted landscapes and hecticness with broad horizons. The «American way of life» can be overwhelming and puzzling but there is certainly never a dull moment.

Language course England

England is more than just London. Besides the diverse capital, there are picturesque villages, dynamic university towns and mythical landscapes – as well as people with a very special sense of humour on the island. 

Language course Canada

In Canada the paths are not yet well-trodden. Vastness, untouched forests, mountain ranges and coastlines wait to be discovered by curious visitors. The cities, on the other hand, turn out to be totally up-to-date.

Language course Malta

Malta is the only country in the Mediterranean where English is spoken as a national language. The cultural monuments of this historically interesting island date back to the times before the pharaohs. 

Language course Ireland

The gulfstream along the Irish coast is responsible for the mild climate as well as for the vivacious temper of the islanders. In Ireland, you can find enchanting and fertile landscapes as well as historic towns.

Language course South Africa

A painful history is the counterpoint to the breathtaking natural delights of southern Africa. Since freedom from the chains of apartheid came about, the country on the cape has gathered new momentum.

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