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Learning success abroad

A language study trip abroad is a must if you want to learn a language quickly and efficiently. Success depends on constant contact with the language and being able to repeat what you have learnt. These factors are far less prevalent on a language course in Switzerland.

A language course in Switzerland is ideal for maintaining your language level. However, it can take a long time for you to make substantial progress. If you don't have much time and need to develop your language skills as quickly and efficiently as possible, you should consider a language study trip abroad. 

In just three weeks, students with only a very basic knowledge of a language can improve their skills by a whole language level, while those with intermediate-level skills can expect to progress by half a level. On a typical language course in Switzerland, it will take you around one year to reach a similar standard. 

Explanation of language levels

Basic information on learning curves

Foreign curve
Learning success abroad is underpinned by the experiences of our clients and testimonials provided by a number of reputable partner schools such as the London School of English, Cambridge Academy of English, English Language Centre Brighton and EC Language Schools.

The foreign curve is based on 25-30 lessons/week of classroom contact hours, daily homework and daily practice with the host family or during leisure activities. 

Swiss curve
Learning success in Switzerland is based on an established course model with two lessons per week and the relevant homework. The Migros Club School estimates that it will take 80-150 hours (2-3 semesters) for students with basic language knowledge to reach the next language level, while students who have already achieved an intermediate or advanced level of language will need to invest 100-180 hours to reach the next level. 

General factors
The actual degree of learning success depends on various factors such as entry level, receptiveness, budget, ambition, age and mother tongue. The curve is aimed at ambitious Swiss students but can vary from person to person.

Learning a foreign language is like learning a sport. The brain muscles require regular training. Constant repetition is better than one-off cramming. When you swot up on something just the once, you'll most likely forget 75% of what you have learnt within two days. Repetition can help prevent this. 
Learning a language abroad ensures that you retain your new-found knowledge and virtually eliminates the forgetting curve as you can practice what you have learnt right away. For this reason, learning a language abroad is up to ten times more intense than in Switzerland. The key to success is systematically repeating what you have learnt.

As you are in constant contact with the language and are able to use and repeat what you have learnt in real-life situations, you can learn a language more quickly and efficiently abroad.

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