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Travel insurance

Cancellation & Travel Insurance

So that you can look forward to your language study trip with confidence, we recommend that you take out multi-trip travel and leisure insurance. This insurance, which we offer in cooperation with our partner "Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG", is perfectly tailored to language study trips.

Multi-trip travel and leisure insurance allows you to rest easy. The policy not only covers any cancellation costs incl. flights, but also emergency insurance, baggage insurance and much more besides. Thanks to leisure insurance, which covers things such as concert tickets and ski passes, you are covered for all eventualities.
The key services included in our multi-trip travel and leisure insurance at a glance


  • Cancellation costs incl. flights
  • Emergency and leisure insurance incl. repatriation
  • Mobile phone and credit card blocking service
  • Luggage transport
  • Aircraft accident
  • Leisure insurance
  • Replacement travel
  • Valid worldwide

The insurance is valid for one or two years and may be taken out by individuals or families/households. Your cover will start from the date of invoicing and covers all travel arrangements made during the entire term of the policy. If the course ends more than one year after the invoice date, we recommend taking out a two-year policy. Concluded policies cannot be cancelled.

Study trip exam guarantee

The study trip exam guarantee covers re-examination costs up to CHF 1,000 should you fail your final exams during your language study trip. In this case, it makes no difference whether you resit your exams on location or in Switzerland after returning from your language study trip. This is particularly useful for Cambridge and DELF resits as these take place on specific dates.

The study trip exam guarantee is an additional insurance. You must have an existing cancellation insurance policy.


Studycare travel protection package

With the Studycare travel protection package, not only is your luggage insured while in transit, but it is also covered against theft and damage throughout your entire trip. This is ideal for people who are away for long periods of time. What's more, your plane ticket is insured should the airline go bankrupt. If your airline files for bankruptcy, the insurance will cover the cost of a new plane ticket. 

More information and prices (DE)
General insurance terms (DE)

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