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This is a standard test for all three Cambridge tests:
First (FCE), Advanced (CAE) und Proficiency (CPE).

The point score achieved determines which test is appropriate.
Aids such as dictionaries or correction programmes are of course not permitted. The test takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on the level.

A click of the mouse sends your completed test to us. We will correct it and notify you of the results.

And now: GOOD LUCK!


Part 1: Grammar

For questions 1-45 read the sentences and then choose from the list a-d the best word or phrase to fill the blank.

Part 2: Sounds

In questions 46-50 three words have the same sound but one does not. Choose the one that does not.
a) go
b) so
c) show
d) do

Part 3: Vocabulary

Questions 51-55: for each of the following phrases, four suggested explanations of the meaning are given; only one of which is correct. Choose the correct one.

Part 4: Expressions

For questions 56-60, choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.

An additional placement test must be completed on the first day of school. The local school administration will decide on admission..


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