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As early as 200 years back, the harmony of the town, castles and the Neckar River as well as the beautiful surroundings enchanted the poets and painters of the Romantic period.



The romantic city on the river Neckar has down the centuries entranced such luminaries as Goethe, the Empress Sissi and Mark Twain. With a population of 140 000, it is noted for an atmosphere that is both intimate and cosmopolitan. Its idyllic setting, the picturesque old town with its ancient streets and many sights turn a stay here into a life experience. The most important attraction is the ruined castle, towering over the city’s rooftops, where the city’s electors of the palatinate resided for some 500 years. Heidelberg has twice (1997, 2003) received the EU’s environmental prize for sustainable development.




Heidelberg is synonymous with German romanticism (late 18th to mid 19th centuries). Most of the great poets and painters of German romanticism spent years in Heidelberg gathering inspiration from the delightful town. The city thus put its stamp on an entire literary and art history era and became the centre of late romanticism in Germany, as many of its greatest figures first came to Heidelberg as students.

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