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A language study trip to China is a journey into an exotic new world. Anyone wishing to learn the complex language of Mandarin will have quite a task on their hands – but will be rewarded with a magnificent cultural heritage and stunning scenery.


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More than one billion people inhabit this incredibly vast and diverse country, making China the most populous nation on Earth. Densely populated cities with over a million inhabitants, such as Beijing and Shanghai, are business and cultural hotspots. During your language study trip to China, you'll come across magnificent temples, modern high-rises and a vast array of entertainment options. If you are keen to venture off the tourist trail and discover the real China, we recommend heading for the country and some of the smaller towns. The major cities are located on fertile flood plains that give way to mountainous coastal regions. Gentle hilly landscapes are interspersed with vast desert regions, such as the Gobi and Taklamakan Deserts. 



One of the must-see attractions on your language trip to China is the Great Wall of China. Originally built to protect against intrusions by various nomadic groups, the Great Wall snakes its way through the Chinese countryside for around 9,000 km and is not far from Beijing and other cities. Despite its openness towards the West, China still remains a closed book in many respects. The various government bodies ensure that the country remains independent, restricting international cooperation to business-related matters only. This gives China a fascinating and mysterious quality that is still palpable day. The mindset, cuisine, medicine and not to mention the language, represent a veritable journey of discovery for visitors from the West. 


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