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Vancouver is a coastal town, winter sport resort and culturally diverse metropolis all at once. This generates a high quality of life that attracts immigrants and visitors alike.


When Captain George Vancouver entered the straight of Georgia in 1792 and explored Burrard Inlet, he saw nothing but a gigantic forest of pine trees on the opposite shore. Loggers were the first settlers and a sawmill was built on the southern shore of the bay in 1865. Two years later John Deighton built a saloon nearby, around which a small settlement named Granville grew. When the Canadian Pacific Railway selected Granville as the terminus of the first transcontinental railway line, the settlement became known far and wide. From then on the little town of Granville, which in 1886 was officially re-baptized “Vancouver”, began its precipitant rise.

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It was amazing to experience two cities as different as Vancouver and Toronto.

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Anyone who enjoys wandering around the city centre will find Robson Street, famous for its boutiques, cafés and restaurants, an unalloyed delight. As far as food is concerned, Vancouver has a well-established reputation as a gastronomic Mecca. The range of theatres, cinemas, museums and concert halls is also substantial. The city’s charm has attracted thousands of immigrants from the four corners of the globe, who have given Vancouver its multicultural character. There are numerous islands just off the coast. The largest of them, Vancouver Island, is easily reached by ferry from the mainland. It’s capital, Victoria, is noted for its very English atmosphere and is well worth a visit. In winter, the snow-covered slopes of the nearby mountains exert their own special attraction. In short, this is a city where no one is bored.


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