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The British Isles is quite rightly one of the most popular destinations in which to learn English. Aside from renowned language schools, a language study trip to England offers culture, nature, sports, shopping and British humour.


Sheer cliffs along the coasts, fog-shrouded moors, green hilly landscapes, vibrant cities and the dulcet tones of proper British English – you'll find everything your heart desires on a language study trip to England. Major cities such as London, Manchester and Liverpool provide a winning combination of new and old architecture. They also offer a vast array of shops. In the cities, you'll come across famous shopping chains as well as local designers. English cities also feature countless attractions. Known for its reputation as a sporting nation, England offers a wide range of sporting activities – for sports enthusiasts and spectators alike. In particular, a visit to a Premier League football match promises a unique atmosphere.


Learning English in England is not just the best option for city lovers. The English coastline is home to many seaside resorts where you can soak up the sun after your language class. The weather is not as bad as some people would have you believe. Take a breath-taking coastal walk and enjoy the sea breeze. Picture the scene: an age-old castle stands proudly on a hill, while thunderous waves crash against the cliffs opposite – an unforgettable setting. Evenings can be spent enjoying a pint or two in one of the many pubs, where you'll experience British hospitality and no doubt a little British black humour.


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