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In London, everything is on a world-class level – a city where you can stroll for miles, visit famous museums or sports events and dive into a vibrant nightlife.


London is a metropolis with splendid buildings, fashionable neighbourhoods, aristocratic townhouses, financial centres and stores that testify to the power and the historically determined cultural variety of its inhabitants. The visitor barely notices that 7.6 million people live in London- more than in New York, albeit in an area twice as large. Tourists are familiar primarily with the black “cabs”, the bustle of Oxford Street or Harrods, the shopper’s paradise where even the Queen sometimes goes shopping, and last but not least, majestic Tower Bridge.

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If “old” London still does not satisfy the visitor’s thirst for knowledge, the prestigious Docklands beckon with modern architecture so overwhelming and multifaceted that every building deserves more than a quick glance. In contrast to this modern London, the village of Greenwich, known for its meridian, challenges time itself: the famous observatory stands untouched on a hill overlooking traditional English brick houses, four hundred year-old pubs, the mighty Thames with the metropolis spreading out on both sides, linked by countless bridges. Faced with such an imposing array of sights, who can doubt that London is and remains the centre of the world?


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