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A language study trip to Ireland promises to be a wonderful experience in the heart of nature. The Emerald Isle is also home to numerous historic attractions, modern cities, pubs and traditional music.


Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle. This island in the Atlantic is a lush green paradise with countless grazing sheep. It is a place where grassy hills and steep cliffs collide with deep-blue sea. The best way to explore the country is by car or bus. On your travels, you will come across charming villages, castles from bygone days and Stone-Age tombs, cairns and graves. The impressive countryside is a paradise for walkers, water sports enthusiasts, cyclists and horse riders. And the island's moors hold a mysterious attraction. 


Ireland is not just renowned for its natural beauty. The language schools in Ireland are predominantly located in the highly populated cities of Dublin, Galway and Belfast. These cities offer a winning combination of old and new. Time-honoured buildings stand in contrast to modern shopping centres and office blocks. And yet, it is the locals that provide the best reason for choosing Ireland as the destination for your language study trip. Despite being a little reserved to begin with, the locals are only too happy to extend their hospitality and share their zest for life. We recommend spending an evening in one of the many pubs and experiencing the traditional live music and authentic atmosphere.


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