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This small city state is full of contrasts. A language study trip to Singapore promises the exoticism of the Far East and a beach vibe, as well as an impeccably clean city and futuristic architecture. 


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Singapore is a small island city state off the southern tip of Malaysia. The country is separated from the Malaysian mainland by a narrow strait but may as well be a completely different world. Singapore has developed into an international financial and business centre – shaped by the West, as well as other Asian cultures. The majority of the population are of Malay, Chinese or Indian origin. The official language is English, which means that learning English in Singapore is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who appreciates the heat, the exoticism of the Far East, a multicultural atmosphere and a clean environment.


Jokes about the "Fine City" of Singapore and its strict rules trip off the tongue. And yet the severe penalties for littering are noticeably reflected in the quality of the cityscape. Singapore is one of the cleanest places in the world. The city offers a mix of futuristic architecture and more traditional elements. After your language class, why not visit one of the excellent restaurants in Singapore's Riverside district. They are lit up beautifully in the evenings and offer fantastic views of the River. The city – and Orchard Road in particular – is also a veritable paradise for shoppers, while the recreation park on Sentosa Island is the perfect place to swim and relax under the palm trees.


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