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A language study trip to South Africa will introduce you to some fascinating wildlife, impressive countryside and friendly people. An exotic place in which to learn English.


South Africans describe their beautiful nation as the "Rainbow Nation" and thus pay tribute to their diverse and colourful culture. This is also reflected in the country's eleven official national languages. In addition to Afrikaans, which is an offshoot of Dutch, and African tribal languages, English plays a leading role. As a result, many language schools in South Africa have been established to teach English, in particular in Cape Town. This country is as diverse as its languages. Green oases and lakes, which attract many different animal species, give way to extreme desert landscapes and finally beautiful beaches and deep-blue waters along the coast. In the Western Cape province, the hillsides are covered with vines belonging to world-famous vineyards.


You will come across some impressive wildlife on your language study trip to South Africa, including the lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino, otherwise known as the "Big Five". But this is just the beginning. South Africa has an abundance of wildlife, including giraffes, hippos, hyenas, penguins and zebras. If you are interested in seeing these animals, then a visit to a wildlife park is your best bet. The Krüger National Park is the biggest in the country and has numerous camps and lodges. Keen divers should also explore the fascinating depths of the sea. Where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean, you can marvel at the many sunken ships as well as impressive deep-water predators such as the great white shark.


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