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Megacities such as New York and Los Angeles, national parks and their natural phenomena, and the "American way of life" will transform your language study trip to the USA into a fantastic journey of discovery.


America is dubbed the land of unlimited opportunity. Even if you spend a lot of time in the USA on your language trip, you'll still only get to experience a small fraction of the incredible diversity on offer in this huge country. It stretches all the way from the hip beaches in California and busy nightlife in Las Vegas to the impressive National Parks with their century-old ravines, the barren landscapes of Nebraska and Iowa, and on to the world's number one city, New York. Wherever you go, you will come across open-minded people who will be happy to speak English with you. A language study trip to the USA is the perfect opportunity to learn straightforward, cool-sounding American English. 


A language study trip to New York, Los Angeles or Florida will give you a great insight into American life and culture. And once you're here, why not do as many Hollywood stars have done on the big screen and take a road trip across the country. From the Hollywood Hills and the amusement parks to the prairies and the southern marshlands – a road trip allows you to get up close and personal with the scenery, the food and the people. What seems like déjà-vu will just be vague memories of films and TV programmes. Experience the "American way of life" for yourself!


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