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Los Angeles is the centre of the Californian dream that is fuelled by impressions of easygoing beach life and the illusions of Hollywood.


To land at night with the plane in Los Angeles, is probably one of the most memorable experiences you could have. The endless sea of light that is broken by geometric street patterns shows at once the enormous size of this family-house city. At such distances, it is not surprising that the car for the "Angelinos" occupies an important place. Consequently, this passion for cars also shapes the urban landscape: Nowhere else such a maze of multilane roads, intersections, entrances and exits can be found.

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However, the life in L.A. is also influenced by the many immigrants who settle in different parts of the city and shape its character. Santa Monica is probably one of the most popular beaches. Right on the outskirts of Los Angeles and located near the Beverly Hills and Westwood neighbourhoods, through which the famous Sunset Boulevard meanders, Santa Monica offers both the flavour of a metropolis and a quieter, less hectic atmosphere. A trip to the north to Santa Barbara with its Mediterranean flair leads to the most popular bathing resort of Southern California. The warm climate also shapes the life that takes place primarily outdoors. The area surrounding L.A. is in the inner regions of the country so it is very barren and dry, but desert landscapes have their own special charm, when you would like to escape from the beach life.


Would you like to enjoy a wonderful view of the city and its beaches? Then a visit to the observatory occurring in countless movie scenes is a must. The hustle and bustle of the big city can be easily forgotten walking alongside the large, palm-lined beach promenade. Recover at the countless beaches, which have shaped California’s sun & fun culture becoming the epitome of a typical American lifestyle. Even today, Los Angeles and the nearby Hollywood is regarded as a city having the power to set global trends and create new lifestyles.


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