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To spend the night dancing and the day rollerblading is the Miami way to wear oneself out, but the city has also lots to offer to the more demanding sports enthusiasts.


Miami is located in Florida, the sunshine state in the southeastern United States. The city has around 400 000 inhabitants, a high percentage of whom are of Latin American origin. Greater Miami comprises, in addition to downtown Miami and Miami Beach, neighbourhoods with their own individual character such as Little Havana or Little Haiti. The immigrants in these areas are just as interested in events in Havana or Caracas as they are in Washington, and thereby give the city an international flair. Visitors are immediately aware of the strong Latin American flavour of the city, which pervades its cuisine, language, music, politics and intellectual life.


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The 1980’s TV series “Miami Vice” raised the city’s international profile. Miami has become a leader in the worlds of fashion and glamour and a popular base for the international jet set. The famous Miami Beach promenade offers the perfect backdrop for commercials or fashion shoots and figures frequently in glossy magazines. Miami Beach itself was built on a sandbank on the other side of Biscayne Bay and is today home to hundreds of hotels, holiday homes, restaurants and nightclubs. The main attraction of Miami Beach is the art deco quarter of South Beach and the long sandy beaches stretching northwards.


Biscayne National Park is in south Florida not far from Miami and encompasses Biscayne Bay. The bay is one of the most popular spots for diving and snorkelling. The park protects the coral reef off the coast, which is a part of the reef system stretching down the entire southern coast of Florida. It is the world’s third largest reef after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the reef off the coast of Belize.


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