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Between Broadway and the Bronx, Wall Street and Harlem, New York impresses with a multitude of faces and life plans. Block by block a social panorama of the city unfolds, full of stories and emotions.


When the morning mist is low to the ground, the sounds are muffled and the city is not yet emerged in its incredible size, shortly before the curtain rises on one of the world’s most impressive experiences: New York- “the Big Apple”. The city of clichés, well known from movies and television- everyone arrives in New York with preconceived notions. What is astonishing is that reality exceeds expectations. Its like being at the movies: a 3D wide screen with a state of the art sound system.

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At lot has happened since 1624, when a Dutchman named Peter Minuit founded the settlement of “Nieuw Amsterdam”. No one could have suspected at the time that the island purchased from the Indians for 25 dollars, today’s Manhattan, would become the heart of one of the world’s most fascinating cities. 40 years later- during the Anglo-Dutch War- New Amsterdam was ceded to the British, who renamed it New York in honour of the Duke of York.


Take your time getting to know the myth: looking, sniffing and marvelling will help you to understand this city’s extraordinary pulse rate. The “American Dream” as it lives and breathes, consisting of such miniature worlds as Soho, Little Italy, TriBeCa, the Financial District, Chinatown and Harlem, is an expression of the world’s largest melting pot, with over 200 different nationalities presented. While beggars dream of a warm meal, Wall Street stockbrokers celebrate their deals with the most extravagant banquets. And if the skyscraper canyons get too constricting, Long Island stretches some 200 km into the Atlantic: here you are bound to find a pleasant beachside café to digest the flood of impressions in peace.



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