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There are many movies that conjure the myths of San Francisco. Up until today, «Frisco» is a place with a European atmosphere and a vibrant cultural scene.


Can there be anyone who is not familiar with the famous car chases in the “Streets of San Francisco” TV series. Of course, the steeply rising streets and the cable cars are just as much a part of “Frisco” as its progressive inhabitants and pleasant quality of life. As a port city, built on a peninsula and surrounded by water on three sides, it has always exerted a powerful attraction. The city’s charm is unique. The 40 hills on which it is built offer fabulous vistas and give the city in parts an almost village atmosphere. San Francisco deserves its reputation as one of the most European cities outside Europe. From Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill, you have the entire city at your feet, and from Twin Peaks you can see all of San Francisco Bay, including the impressive Golden Gate Bridge and the former prison island of Alcatraz.

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Quality of life is held in high regard in this city. This principle has resulted in San Francisco having more restaurants per capita than any other city. But this is far from its only attraction. It is also a Mecca for many street artists, who perform in the newly renovated Harbour district, supplemented by concerts, galleries, cozy cafés and bars.


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