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England is more than just London. Besides the diverse capital, there are picturesque villages, dynamic university towns and mythical landscapes – as well as people with a very special sense of humour on the island.


England consists of history leaves no visitor unmoved. The island, with a coastline 3780 km long, has shaped its inhabitants and their unique cultural heritage. The British are multifaceted and exclusive, like the landscape in which they live. Visitors are welcomed warmly, albeit with a degree of reserve. “The English have their open fireplaces to thank for their cool reason. You can burn your feet there but you keep a cool head”, remarked Pierre Daninos, a French author renowned for his irony and keen sense of observation, about the British way of life. Measured against the country’s relatively small size, with a population of 60 million, the regions vary widely, and their inhabitants have retained the unique qualities that distinguish them from the rest of Europe. This is also the reason for the popular saying: “For Britain, the Channel is still wider than the Atlantic.”



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