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A language study trip to Canada combines nature and the city, as well as English and French. Learn French in the East of the country where the cities exude French flair and a spectacular autumn awaits.  


One thing you'll notice about Canada is its vastness. Spanning some ten million square kilometres, it is the second-largest country on Earth. Impressive mountains with snow-covered glaciers, barren prairies and dark-green forests cover the breadth of the country. The landscape is dotted with deep-blue lakes that reflect the surrounding scenery, thundering waterfalls and raging rivers. On your language study trip to Canada, you will come across some fascinating wildlife in this impressive wilderness. Even if you've seen them on TV, observing grizzly bears, moose and majestic humpback whales in real life is sure to be a fascinating experience.


During your language study trip to Canada, you're sure to meet lots of friendly and obliging locals. As a typical immigration country, Canada is home to many different ethnic groups. Its colonial history has resulted in some fascinating cultural and linguistic differences. Shaped by French and English colonialists, the East and West of the country are poles apart in terms of culture. Quebec and Montreal are known for their French flair and laissez-fair attitude, while Vancouver and Calgary display more English or American traits. By choosing the right language course in Canada, you could have the opportunity to learn both English and French. 


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