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A language study trip to Guadeloupe combines French "savoir vivre" and a Caribbean attitude towards life. On this island you can learn French in glorious sunshine on idyllic beaches lined with palm trees.


If France is not exotic enough for you, then Guadeloupe is a wonderful alternative destination for a language study trip. After your French lessons, you can go straight to the beach and make the most of the picture-postcard setting, where white sandy beaches, dotted with palm trees, give way to turquoise-blue waters. Thanks to the tropical temperatures, the Caribbean Sea is perfect for water sports such as snorkelling, windsurfing, water-skiing, jet-skiing and diving. Alternatively, you can simply relax, top up your tan and enjoy life. The "La Sufrière" volcano looms large in the background. The island is home to vast forests of ferns with clear rivers and small waterfalls. This lush, green hilly landscape is well worth exploring on foot.


Guadeloupe is an overseas region of France. During your language study trip to Guadeloupe, you will therefore notice many similarities to the mother country. And yet the islanders have experienced many cultural influences: Europeans, Africans, Americans and Indians have all left their mark, creating a melting pot of different nationalities that is reflected in the languages and many aspects of life. Countless street parties, such as Carnival, reveal the locals' cheerful nature and sense of tradition. Creole food is a real highlight. This, too, is a mix: European dishes, African ingredients and Oriental spices. Fresh fish and seafood are particularly popular on the island.


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