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A language study trip to Réunion promises idyllic beaches set against a stunning mountain backdrop – a landscape that attracts hikers, bikers and divers alike.


Réunion is a fairytale land in the middle of a vast ocean. Green-clad mountains soar up out of lush rainforests like sharp pencils, while waterfalls cascade down fissured slopes. Lined with ferns, palm trees and silkmoths, narrow paths lead to dizzying heights and down into deep gorges. This tropical island is criss-crossed by high-altitude trails offering views of the sandy beaches below. It is surrounded by idyllic beaches from where you can admire the green mountain landscape. The appropriately named ‘Reunion Island’ combines many beautiful facets. These are what make it a popular holiday destination for the Continental French and a true paradise for hikers and bikers – far away from the tourist masses. A pair of hiking shoes are an absolute must for your language study trip to Réunion. Popular attractions include the active volcano ‘Piton de la Fournaise’, the island's highest mountain ‘Piton de Neiges’, and the Salazie, Cilaos and Mafate basins.


Thanks to its wealth of flora, almost half of the island has been designated a UNESCO natural World Heritage Site. With more than 550 species of fish and 150 types of coral, the reefs are home to an abundance of species which can be admired on a trip to any of the popular diving spots on the west and south of the island. Réunion's many charming towns and villages are also well worth a visit during your language study trip. The island is extremely diverse and includes the lively capital of St. Denis with its colourful markets, the former fishing village of St. Leu with its beach bars, and the mountain village of Cilaos with its hot springs. Its population is equally diverse and has seen French, Indians, Malagasy people and Eastern Africans living together peacefully here for many years. You will always hear French being spoken as – aside from the native Creole language – it is the only official language of the island and is constantly used by the many French visitors and expats. 


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