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Mountains to hike, idyllic villages, welcoming people, cities full of historic treasures, entertainment and great food – a language study trip to Austria will not disappoint.


The Alps are one of the main tourist attractions on your language study trip to Austria. Idyllic mountain villages nestle between soaring mountain ranges. The tower of a little chapel rises proudly in the centre, while cattle graze in the lush pastures all around. The best way to explore this beautiful mountain landscape is on a long hike. In winter, Austria is home to countless winter sports resorts that are renowned throughout Europe. The country is also known for its warm hospitality. You will find it easy to strike up a conversation with the locals – most of whom speak High German as well as their own Austrian dialect. Austria's language schools also place great emphasis on friendliness and a strong service mentality.


During your language study trip to Austria, be sure to explore the country's fascinating cities. Major cities such as Vienna, Salzburg, Graz and Innsbruck, as well as numerous other smaller towns have incredible historic charm. The historic centres attract visitors with their magnificent palaces, churches and vast array of museums, operas and theatres. They also tick all the boxes when it comes to modernity, entertainment and nightlife. Delightful little cafés and pretty guesthouses will treat you to all kinds of special delicacies, from schnitzel and bread dumplings to shredded pancakes and Sachertorte just to mention a few. Austria's coffee house culture is the epitome of pleasure and slow food. The motto of these establishments is simple: enjoy, observe and chat.



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