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A language study trip to Germany promises to be a great adventure. The county's major cities are melting pots of tradition and modernity. Dunes, forests, lakes, moorland and mountains – the German landscape is incredibly diverse and scenic.


Germany is home to many major cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne. They represent a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. The city centres are characterised by quaint old towns and historic attractions. Rows of stately houses, bustling market squares and handsome churches will transport you to a bygone era on your language study trip to Germany. In addition to this, you will experience modern-day, urban city life with its reflective high-rise blocks, vibrant club and party scene, and vast array of entertainment facilities – a contrast that offers something for everyone. Many cities are further enhanced by rivers or lakes, where walking trails, shopping precincts, greens, barbecue sites and food stands are frequented by locals and visitors alike.


Germany's countryside is also very beautiful and diverse. Sand dunes and mudflats attract visitors to the northern flatlands that border the North and Baltic Seas. Every year, great expanses of treeless moorland in the North and East are transformed into a carpet of bright violet flowers. Mixed forests are spread over the entire country, interspersed with lush green hills and meadows, and take on a magnificent golden hue in the autumn. The Black Forest in southern Germany is known for its vast, dense pine forests and moorland. A language study trip to Germany provides the perfect opportunity for you to admire the mountain landscape in the East and South of the country. Hike through idyllic river valleys or past clear mountain lakes, and enjoy a boat ride on the crystal-clear water.  


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