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If you're looking for lots of variety in a relatively small place, then a language study trip to Switzerland is just the ticket. This country is incredibly diverse and boasts fabulous cities and magnificent landscapes.


The incredible diversity of this little country in the centre of Europe never ceases to amaze. A total of four national languages are spoken in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh. 65 percent of the population speak one of the many regional Swiss German dialects. This said, there is absolutely nothing to stop you learning German in Switzerland, as High German is the official written language and is understood by all Swiss Germans. Most people who travel to Switzerland to learn German choose the central destination of Zurich, where the majority of the country's language schools are based. However, visitors should also be prepared to explore further afield as the rest of the country boasts a wealth of cultural and natural treasures that are easily accessible by the excellent public transport system.


City and country life are never far apart in Switzerland. The majority of Swiss cities are characterised by their medieval old town, picturesque rows of houses, narrow, cobbled streets and bustling waterfront promenades. No sooner have you finished shopping in the city, then you can sit enjoying the stunning views from a mountain restaurant in the heart of the countryside. Many places offer panoramic views of snow-capped Alpine peaks. Alpine trails past farms and little mountain villages, and through wildly romantic river valleys are popular with keen hikers. During your language study trip to Switzerland, lots of excursions can be combined with a round trip on one of the country's many lakes. The Alps are a veritable paradise for skiers and snowboarders during the winter.



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