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Italy's unique culture, beautiful countryside and fantastic cuisine all contribute to the famous "Dolce Vita" (the good life) and will make your language study trip to Italy a real pleasure.


The North of Italy is dominated by the snow-capped Dolomites, the foothills of which give way to deep-blue lakes. This is where you will find Milan, the industrial, commercial and fashion capital of Italy. The North is home to the fertile soils of Piedmont with its famous wines and the Veneto region which boasts the city of Venice as one of its main attractions. Central Italy is characterised by gently rolling hills and avenues of poplar trees. Impressive, time-honoured churches and castles are dotted across the landscape. This area is also home to the city of Rome, with its incredible wealth of attractions including the Colosseum, cathedrals and fountains. To the west of mainland Italy, on the island of Sardinia, you will find native pine forests, beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters.


The region of Apulia can be found at the heel of this boot-shaped country. It is famous for its medieval castles, green hills and beaches of the Adria. At the tip of the boot is the region of Calabria, with over 800 km of coastline, including some of the world's most beautiful beaches. The hinterland is both harsh and wild, and forms one of the most interesting landscapes in Italy. Sicily is a large island just off the tip of the "boot" of Italy. Mount Etna dominates the island and towers majestically over the deep-blue sea, the historically fascinating towns and the friendly islanders. So as you can see, if you're interested in attending a language school in Italy, you'll be well and truly spoilt for choice. Other bonuses of a language study trip to Italy include the country's fresh and tasty cuisine, its passion for football, its rich history and its countless attractions.


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