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A language study trip to Japan will introduce you to a whole new world – an ultra-modern country, steeped in tradition and home to friendly people, megacities and stunning natural landscapes.


It is the combination of tradition and modernity, reserve and warm hospitality that makes Japan so unique. With over nine million inhabitants, Tokyo is a megacity and the country's business and cultural capital. On your language study trip to Japan, you can expect high-rise buildings, bustling crowds of people, as well as flashing and talking signs as far as the eye can see. In contrast, the former imperial city of Kyoto is famed for its time-honoured temples, shrines and tea ceremonies. Some of its attractions are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With its mountains, volcanoes, hot springs, hills and forests, Japan is also a hiker's paradise. What's more, as an island state, it boasts fantastic beaches and seaside resorts.   


Japan fuses the old with the new in a fascinating way. High-speed trains run through the entire country, proving that Japan is a highly developed industrial land.  Young people set great store by western values and trends, even more so than can be said of our own nations. Nevertheless, Japan has its own code of conduct and traditions. To avoid dropping any cultural clangers, it is worth brushing up on these before embarking on a language study trip to Japan. Of course, you will be immediately recognised as a tourist – whereupon the locals will be only too willing to help and extend their warm hospitality. And when it comes to deciphering Japanese characters, you can be sure that you'll be requiring assistance sooner rather than later.


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