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The Republic of Korea is one of the most fascinating countries in Asia. The country's eventful history and colourful present make a language study trip to South Korea a unique experience.


In the "Land of the Morning Calm", as South Korea is known, not everywhere is calm. In the major cities such as Seoul, Busan and Incheon, billboards flash in all the colours under the sun, traffic fills the streets and skyscrapers reach for the skies.  These cities offer countless forms of entertainment and attractions. Peace and tranquillity can be found by visiting a Buddhist temple or breathing in the sea breeze in the beautiful coastal regions. Breathtaking mountains are within easy reach of the megacity of Seoul and offer a peaceful environment and fantastic hiking trails – after all, hiking is the number one pastime in South Korea.


The best way to experience Korean culture is to visit one of the many traditional folk festivals featuring music and dance – in particular the spectacular drum ensembles. A modern alternative is the popular pastime of karaoke. There are even dedicated karaoke rooms. The Koreans are known for their love of socialising. They love getting to know other people and their cultures. You will find it easy to strike up a conversation with the locals and establish contacts during your language study trip to South Korea. And what better way to do this than over a Korean meal. As unusual as they may sound, kimchi, bulgogi and kimbab are all incredibly tasty. And you can expect plenty of rice, meat and fish, all seasoned with exotic spices. 



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