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A language study trip to Brazil promises spirited dancing, beautiful beaches and dense jungle. Brazil is the largest of the Latin American countries and is an incredibly diverse land.


Brazil is the biggest country in Latin America. The only official language of Brazil is Portuguese. This harks back to the country's origins as a Portuguese colony, however it has always been a melting pot of many different cultures. Brazil enjoys a mix of Indian, African and Portuguese traditions, music and food. The Brazilians are passionate dancers. After your language class, treat yourself to a Caipirinha cocktail at one of the many beach bars where you'll find locals dancing to Afro-Brazilian beats. Around the time of the world-famous Carnival, Rio de Janeiro becomes the stage for countless samba dance shows. The city transforms into a colourful party with an array of glamorous costumes. Brazil's food is also influenced by the many immigrants who inhabit the land and is therefore very diverse. You can expect plenty of fish, rice, beans and tropical fruit.


Rio de Janeiro is the cultural and business capital of Brazil. Here at the home of Sugar Loaf Mountain, modern city life, vibrant nightlife, exclusive luxury and bitter poverty all come together under one roof. Amazonas stands in stark contrast to this megacity. During your language study trip to Brazil, be sure to visit the world's largest ecosystem with its unparalleled abundance of flora and fauna. The Iguazu Falls are a natural phenomenon and a popular tourist destination. Impenetrable rainforest, arid lands, high mountains and wonderful coastal regions all feature in the geography of this huge country with four climate zones. Spanning some 8,000 kilometres, Brazil's coastline is among the longest on the planet. You're sure to come across your fair share of golden-brown sandy beaches, spectacular sunsets and romantic beach bars on a language study trip to Brazil.


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