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A language study trip to Latvia promises great variety. Forests, waterways, castles and living traditions – this small Baltic state has many hidden treasures. 


Latvia is covered by forest and water. Extensive pine and deciduous forests cover this small and predominantly flat Baltic state. They represent a vast natural treasure and are frequented by Latvians and visitors alike for hiking, orienteering and horse riding. They are a great place to spot wild animals and go foraging for mushrooms and herbs. Countless lakes, natural rivers and the rough seas in the West and North make water sports a popular pastime in Latvia. Even the long, snowy winters don't stop die-hard outdoor enthusiasts, as sailing, wind surfing and kite surfing are also all possible on ice. Conservation has long played an important role in Latvia and the country is home to countless nature reserves as well as an eco reserve. A language study trip to Latvia promises unspoilt nature as far as the eye can see.


Latvia is exposed to many European influences. And its hidden treasures are not just natural ones. The country's historic buildings, monuments, museums and traditional festivals will ensure your language study trip to Latvia is also a culturally enriching experience. Almost every town or village is graced by estates, magnificent castles or fortifications. You can listen to traditional music at a folklore festival, gain an insight into the past at a medieval festival or have a go at some traditional Latvian crafts at a workshop. Even though Latvia is a predominantly Christian country, many of the old pagan traditions live on today, in particular the summer and winter solstices. To mark these pagan holidays, many of the locals dress up in traditional costume, play music, carry out rituals and express their desires and hopes by singing at front doors and around bonfires.



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