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A language study trip to Bolivia will introduce you to the world of the South American Indians where traditions are still alive and well. Experience the dizzying heights, diverse landscapes and Bolivian zest for life in the land of the Andes.


Bolivia is located in the heart of South America. It is a country that has remained true to the traditions of its Indian population. The high mountain ranges of the Andes in the West and East have always formed a natural protective shield against outside influences. Traditions play an important role in Bolivia. Despite the country having been colonised by the Spanish, two thirds of its inhabitants embrace Indian traditions and beliefs – more than in any other Latin American country. During your language study trip to Bolivia, you will find no signs of mass tourism.


After your language class, don't miss out on the opportunity to visit one of the country's many folklore events and experience the Bolivians' zest for life. Even the smaller towns have bars and discos that promote Latin hip hop or salsa dancing. With its colonial buildings, the capital of Sucre is one of the most beautiful cities on the Continent. Bolivia's landscape is also extremely diverse. It has everything from eternal snow on the Andes, to lush Amazonian rainforest and dry savannah. The "Salar de Uyuni" salt lake is a natural wonder – an endless white desert landscape with bizarre mirages.



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