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A language study trip to Costa Rica is a fantastic way to learn Spanish. The country is a natural paradise in the heart of Central America where you can enjoy life surrounded by beaches and sunshine.


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The varied beaches in Costa Rica are among the cleanest and most beautiful in the world. The country's white and black sandy beaches are perfect for sunbathing. Costa Rica is a Mecca for lovers of the great outdoors. Learning Spanish in Costa Rica can be combined with lots of sports activities. Many of the country's beaches offer perfect surfing conditions, while a fascinating underwater world awaits keen divers. What's more, many of the rivers are ideal for rafting or kayaking. You can also try all kinds of adrenaline-fuelled sports such as bungee jumping, ziplining and climbing. Costa Rica's inhabitants are proud of their democratic roots and the fact that they have not had an army for over 50 years. Visitors are always made to feel very welcome in this immigration country.


It takes just four hours to drive from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica to the Atlantic coast, past extensive rainforest, sizzling volcanoes, bracing waterfalls and raging rivers. This is the perfect environment for the country's exotic wildlife. Toucans with impressive yellow beaks hang out in the treetops. The tall trees are also home to lively howler monkeys and sloths that move from branch to branch at a snail's pace. On the ground, you may catch sight of cheeky raccoons and coatis, lumbering tapirs and, if you're very lucky, an impressive jaguar. Brightly coloured frogs, crocodiles, turtles and snakes are also among Costa Rica's animal inhabitants. A language study trip to Costa Rica provides the perfect environment in which to learn Spanish and relax in nature.


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