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Sea, volcanoes and rainforest – this little country on the Equator has the most varied of landscapes. A language study trip to Ecuador will also introduce you to the friendly attitude and festive spirit of the locals.


Ecuador is located right on the Equator, as its Spanish name suggests. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean with beautiful beaches to the west. The coastline is made up of vast, fertile lowlands that are home to the majority of the local population. The Andean provinces are less densely populated. With a series of active volcanoes including the 6,000-metre-high Cotopaxi, this is a very popular region for trekking tours. It then gives way to dense rainforest in the Amazon Basin. Take a tour on one of the many rivers that weave their way through this region and marvel at the wild, unspoilt scenery. Ecuador's diverse flora and fauna is utterly captivating in such a setting.


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