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Modern cities, sleepy villages and breathtaking scenery are just a fraction of what awaits visitors on a language study trip to Panama.


Slowly but surely, tourists are beginning to discover this beautiful country in Central America. Nevertheless, a language study trip to Panama remains something of an insider's tip. Away from the main tourist traps, you'll often feel like the only traveller for miles around. Panama is home to some fascinating landscapes. Small groups of islands with dream beaches attract visitors to the South, while vast areas of grazing land stretch eastwards to Panama City. Unique desert areas give way to tropical rainforest, which supports an abundance of flora and fauna.


Panama's most impressive construction is the Panama Canal. It connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and divides the country into two. Huge vessels operate along the Canal as maritime transport is one of the country's most important sources of business. As is the case in other Latin American countries, music and dance represent a huge part of the culture in Panama. As a result, language schools in Panama frequently offer dance classes. When Carnival comes around, dancers dress up in colourful costumes and spend the next four days and nights dancing and celebrating.


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