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Granada offers a unique and fascinating mix of history, Moorish and European architecture, art and the present. Over the town towers Alhambra. The fort is one of the most significant tourist destinations throughout the region.


Granada is enthroned by the Alhambra, which rests at the top of the hill, characterizing the city like no other structure could. The name comes from the Arabic ‘al-qala’at al-hamr’ and basically translates to ‘The Red Fortress.’ The castle, with its red outer walls, was considered one of the most outstanding buildings of Moorish style. The fortress is made up of a number of buildings, which include a Citadel, the Nasriden Palaces, a church, a convent, and a hotel.

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On the one side of the city you can see the 3,000-metre high peaks of the the Sierra Nevada, which are covered with snow well into Spring. A little further out is the bare, impressive desert region. Desert and snow, sea and mountains – together they create the magical atmosphere that makes Granada so spectacular.


Granada is full of fascinating history, dating all the way back to the time of the Phoenicians. The city was largely influenced by the Moors, whose building style formed the Alhambra and the city’s Albaicin quarter. In contrast to the Moorish architecture, the city also has imposing churches and buildings from the Renaissance period. But the city is not only known for its history, rather also for its prestigious university, drawing thousands of students whose presence lends itself to an exciting and varied nightlife.


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