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Spanish language training in Valencia with Españolé International House takes you to the historical part of the city on the Mediterranean Sea. All major sights of the city are within walking distance. The school offers space for approximately 200 students and is located in a building with an atrium featuring traditional Spanish architecture. It houses twelve air-conditioned classrooms of a high technical standard. A library, a computer room with complimentary Wi-Fi and a terrace complete the furnishing. One room is equipped with kitchen utensils for optional Spanish cooking courses. In the high season, ten additional rooms are available in another building. Most popular are the DELE preparation courses as well as combined Spanish courses (e.g. Spanish plus sailing). The leadership of the school attaches great importance to high-quality training, limiting the number of students to ten per group. Students are supported by experienced trainers, even outside classes.


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Airport Valencia (Arrival one-way)

Language Studies Abroad: Host family, Residence, Shared Apartment: 65 EUR Work & Study: Host family, Residence, Shared Apartment: Inclusive 30plus: Host family, Residence, Shared Apartment: 65 EUR

Public holiday

19.03 / 30.03 / 02.04 / 01.05 / 12.10 / 01.11

School holidays

24.12.2018 - 06.01.2019

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The school offers stays with selected host families, single rooms with breakfast and half-board arrangements. All host families can be reached with public transport within 20 minutes. Upon request, single or double rooms in multiple occupancy apartments with self-catering are available. Each apartment comes with three or four bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a washing machine and a living room with TV.


Combine learning Spanish in Valencia with a wide range of leisure activities offered by the school. You can go on sightseeing tours, visit the harbour or go to the theatre and cinemas. In addition, the program includes social events, such as welcome parties, dance courses, eating paella, group dinners, discussion round tables and going out together in the evening. In addition, Valencia offers a lot of opportunities for exercise. In the vicinity of the school, there are sports facilities for tennis, basketball, soccer, squash, aerobics and working out.


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