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Are you planning on taking a gap year before/after your studies, as an extra school year or as a sabbatical? If so, a language study trip is a great way to significantly improve your language skills and gain an in-depth insight into the country and its people, while benefiting from affordable course rates.


If you're taking a gap year, why not spend several months or even the whole year on a language study trip? There are lots of advantages to this:

  • Mastering one or more languages almost as well as your mother tongue
  • Exploring the country and getting to know its people from a local's perspective
  • Making long-lasting friendships
  • Your excellent language skills will stand you in great stead in the employment market
  • Benefiting from affordable course rates


We highly recommend the following options for your gap year. In all cases, you will benefit from affordable rates: 

Long-term course

A long-term course is a language study trip that generally lasts more than four months (16 weeks).

Language year abroad 

A language year abroad is a language study trip that usually lasts nine months (36 weeks) or more.

Multi-language year abroad

A multi-language year abroad is a language study trip that usually lasts nine months (36 weeks) or more and is spent in two or three countries with different languages.

Demi pair

As a demi pair, you spend half the day at school honing your language skills and also work for your host family as an au pair. This is the most affordable way to learn a language as board & lodging are usually included. 

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