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Language course Spain

Scenic landscapes, numerous cultural treasures, the typical Mediterranean lifestyle and the warm hospitality make Spain the ideal place for an extensive language course. The numerous gastronomic specialties ensure that one will not get bored in culinary terms.

Language course Costa Rica

This small nation in Central America every year attracts over one million visitors; the reasons are obvious.

Languaga course Bolivia

The area enclosed by Bolivia is the Tibet of the Americas - the highest and most isolated of all the Latin American countries. 

Language course Mexico

The lively, colourful and rich culture of Mexico is simply unmissable.

Language course Argentina

It is a Latin American country where Europeans and North Americans feel at home. An interest in football and also some nimble foot skills may be enough to fit in well with the locals.

Language course Cuba

A trip to Cuba can be very diverse. You can either sip Mojittos in an all-inclusive resort in Varadero or scratch the sawdust from your shoes outside the Casa de las Tradiciones in Santiago.

Language course Peru

Peru also features one of the most beautiful landscapes in South America. The wonderful Peruvian Andes are the El Dorado for experienced hikers and climbers.

Language course Guatemala

The indigenous culture in Guatemala is alive in the ancient ruins of Tikal, the rituals of Chichicas-Tenango or the colourful costumes of the Maya.

Language course Panama

The official name of the inhabitants of Panama is "Panamanians". Colloquially, the term "Panamenians" is also often used - derived from the Spanish "Panameños".

Language course Ecuador

The pre-Columbian inhabitants of Ecuador are renowned for their outstanding work in the field of arts and crafts pottery, painting, sculpture, gold and silver work. 

Language course Colombia

Colombia is waiting to present its most beautiful side to us, and convey to us a little bit about the lifestyle in "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Language course Chile

Most travellers come here to see the spectacular Pacific coastline and Andean highlands. However, to whomever that's not enough: the cuisine of Chile makes the hearts of connoisseurs beat faster.

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