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English for Oil & Gas Professionals

This one-week course will help professionals working in the oil and gas industries to communicate more accurately, fluently and confidently in a range of professional situations. On the course you will practise the specialised language learned in role-plays and scenarios that are relevant to your working life.

The course is designed to develop participants’ language and communication skills in a professional context. The key language skills and communication strategies you will learn in the course include:

  • meetings and discussions
  • specialised vocabulary for the oil and gas industries
  • presenting data and numbers
  • explaining data in simple terms
  • explaining technical concepts in simple terms
  • referring to charts, diagrams and numbers
  • negotiations
  • writing emails and formal letters
  • writing reports
  • speaking on the telephone
  • hosting visits, socialising, meeting and greeting

When professional people are speaking with their counterparts, discussion often turns to broader matters. The course reflects this with practice in the context of a range of topical issues such as:

  • developments in technology
  • trends
  • problem solving
  • project management
  • upstream and downstream operations
  • social responsibility
  • sustainability and innovation
  • oil and gas production

Whichever course you take with us, you can expect to improve your English in the following ways:

  • communicate more confidently
  • speak more accurately and fluently
  • participate more successfully in meetings
  • improve your written English, including emailing
  • expand your professional vocabulary
  • improve your understanding of grammar
  • socialise and network with greater confidence
  • work successfully in a cross-cultural environment

In addition to the benefits above you can expect to communicate more confidently with both clients and colleagues specifically in the oil and gas industries.  We will help you to simplify your language to make your message clearer and more effective.

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