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Combination Course

Group courses (business and general communication) are combined with individual instruction, and industry-specific information is managed within small groups.

During the individual instruction, course content will be elaborated upon and will address the specific needs of the participant.

Some people prefer the team working environment of group courses, whilst others prefer the total focus on individual needs that individual tuition provides. Our combination courses are the perfect way to combine the advantages of both group work and individual tuition.


Please refer to individual course descriptions:

The course content depends on which group course you are doing. The 1 to 1 content of the course is entirely focussed on your individual needs.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • benefit from group interaction and a personal focus
  • speak with greater confidence, fluency and accuracy
  • use a greatly increased active vocabulary

The best of both worlds (group course and individual needs combined)


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