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Young Business

Giving younger business people the language tools they need for their careers. Many people in their 20s can communicate quite well in a foreign language, learned at school and probably practised on holiday or on longer periods of travel. But this does not prepare them for the totally different demands of using the language in a business environment.

This course helps participants move from school to workplace. It is highly intensive and taskbased, using case studies, role plays and simulations to create realistic business situations for developing effective communication skills. All the participants are at a fairly early stage in their business careers. Some are already working; some are trainees or are finishing their studies in business. The course is an excellent investment for a company wise enough to recognise how important it is that more junior staff make a good impression on clients and business partners, but it is priced very attractively so that it is within the budget of the participants themselves.


By the end of the course you will be able to:


  • present key aspects of company operation e.g. products, services, systems, planning, finance etc.
  • present factual, numerical and graphical information clearly to describe change and trends
  • participate successfully in meetings and negotiations
  • discuss current management issues
  • use the telephone effectively
  • use basic writing layouts for successful business correspondence
  • socialise and network confidently
  • speak with greater confidence, fluency and accuracy

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