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English for Project Management

The course is designed to develop the communicative performance of professionals working in project management in an international context. It also intended to enable them to use specialist professional terminology with appropriateness of linguistic context and style.

The course provides substantial practice opportunities which include:

  • meetings and discussions / videoconferencing
  • negotiations
  • professional presentation skills
  • dealing with numerical data
  • telephoning
  • e-mail, letter and report writing
  • using technical terms appropriately
  • project evaluation
  • finance and budgeting

The course reflects this with practice in the context of a range of topical issues such as:

  • finance and budgeting
  • project Evaluation
  • managing international teams – cultural awareness
  • team building
  • appraisals and assessments
  • communicating with stakeholders

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • give personal information
  • express need and obligation
  • negotiate remuneration and benefits
  • discuss future plans: forecasting and hypothesising
  • socialise and network more confidently
  • make and change appointments
  • express opinions: agreeing and disagreeing
  • present numbers and graphs
  • discuss schedules, timetables and deadlines
  • give advice, suggestions and recommendations
  • intensive programmes
  • participants must have relevant experience