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English for PA's & Secretaries

The Personal/Executive Assistant or secretary is a vital frontline contact. This course provides language practice activities in a wide range of communication skills, including telephone techniques, dealing with visitors and difficult clients, managing aspects of written communication, as well as general business vocabulary, and news and current affairs.

The course is designed to develop the participants' language, communication and written skills in a range of professional contexts. The course focuses on active speaking and writing skills and communication strategies. You will role play real-life communicative situations such as:

  • greeting visitors
  • making arrangements by telephone and socialising
  • writing letters and emails

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • manage work situations more confidently and successfully
  • correspond effectively in emails, faxes and letters
  • feel more confident when using the telephone
  • socialise and network more confidently
  • work more effectively in a cross-cultural environment
  • use an increased active vocabulary
  • speak with greater confidence, fluency and accuracy
  • intensive programmes
  • participants must have relevant experience

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