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English for Sales and Marketing

This course is ideal for professionals involved in sales and marketing who have an international client base, or who are from multinational companies who need to communicate with international colleagues in English.

Leading and taking part in marketing specific meetings. Discussion of marketing specific topics, extending marketing specific vocabulary. Giving effective presentations of marketing results, ideas and plans, marketing specific negotiation skills.

Training is very practical and realistic. The skilled and very experienced trainers provide detailed and individualised feedback.
We shall try to include the special areas of interest of the paricipants but the core content will cover:

  • Sales and marketing terms
  • Making a sales presentation
  • Describing products
  • Describing services
  • Making arrangements
  • Negotiating a sale
  • Socializing with customers
  • Writing proposals
  • Market analysis
  • «the four Ps»
  • Building client relationships
  • Contract terms
  • Promotion campaigns
  • Advertising
  • The sales pitch
  • Image and brand
  • Managing the team
  • Targets and forecasts
  • Improved fluency and confidence in English
  • Extended sales and marketing specific vocabulary
  • Improved presentation techniques in English
  • Improved marketing specific negotiation skills
  • Improved effectiveness in communication with clients and suppliers
  • Increased effectiveness in communication with international colleagues

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