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In the business world, aside from language, cultural backgrounds play a major role. Cultural training therefore aims at getting to know one or more cultures more intimately, making it possible to overcome cultural borders and communicate more effectively, and this nicely built into your language course.

Cultural Understanding

The more international a company's reach, the higher the demands on the employees. It no longer suffices just to learn the language that colleagues are speaking. The challenge lies in effectively communicating with team members, clients, partners or service providers from other cultural backgrounds. In addition to geographical, historical, religious and political influences, many other factors play a decisive role in cultural understanding.

International Business Culture

Within companies, being aware of cultural differences is more important than ever. These days major firms are employing and connecting people throughout the world, especially in larger companies where people from all over the world are connecting and working together. A companies' management works to sensitize the various team members, they adjust their leadership style as appropriate, and work to detect potential areas of conflict.

Other Countries, Other Customs

Today, as markets in China, Japan, India or Russia gain even more influence, it is important to be aware of the cultural characteristics of these countries, or at lease be aware of the differences. For this reason many recognized business language institutions offer cultural training alongside language training.

No One-Size-Fits-All Programs

Experience shows that cultural training is most effective when it is aligned with the needs of the individual participants. This is why we do not offer standardized programs but rather build programs with consideration of your interests and preferences, and tailor your lessons to meet your needs.

Various Target Audiences

Generally the courses are targeted towards individuals with client contact, business partners, service providers or colleagues from around the world. HR managers, training managers, management consultants, senior management and strategy managers can all benefit from this training.

At your company

Upon request, we also offer cultural trainings and seminars on site at your company.

Max Wey, Executive director of Boa Lingua Business Class, is licensed trainer of Richard Lewis Communications Ltd., English Language School & Cross Culture Institute; Warnford, UK..

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