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A language study trip to Mexico will take you to a country with a fascinating historical heritage, hospitable people, delicious maize dishes and stunning scenery.


Mexico is bordered by two oceans to the east and west. The majestic, high mountains of the Sierra Madre line both coastlines. At their southern end, the Sierra Nevada (Snowy Mountain Range) stretches across the land like a belt and includes four volcanoes that rise over 5,000 metres into the sky. From bitterly cold winters to desert heat and a tropical climate, this country has it all. Bizarre desert landscapes give way to flourishing mangrove forests and white sandy beaches with turquoise-blue waters. The cenotes, or sinkholes, on the Yucatán Peninsula are a major attraction for divers and include hundreds of limestone caves with crystal-clear waters. On a language study trip to Mexico, you will see nature at its most fascinating and visit remote villages, densely populated cities and fabulous tourist spots.


Mexico sets great store by hospitality. You will be treated to friendly conversation and a beautiful smile wherever you go. The country is famous for its cheerful, traditional folk music which you can experience live at various events and in many different places during your language study trip to Mexico – the mariachi ensembles with their elegant outfits and wide-brimmed sombreros are particularly well known. Mexican food has long enjoyed international popularity. Tortillas, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos – the culinary list is long, tasty and can also be rather hot and spicy. The Mayans, Aztecs and Olmecs left behind a unique and rather bizarre heritage in Mexico. Don't miss an opportunity to visit their pyramids, sacrificial altars and scary statues.


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