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The fabulous expanse of the steppes, cosmopolitan cities, thundering waterfalls and the burning passion of the Argentine tango – a language study trip to Argentina promises a fascinating mix.


Argentina's natural beauty is breath-taking and sometimes even frightening. As beautiful as the fertile pampas, towering mountain peaks and thundering waterfalls may be, they are also testimony to the overwhelming power of nature. On a language study trip to Argentina, you will come across snow-covered volcanoes, parched saline landscapes and barren steppes. The best way to explore the various areas of the country is via Road 40. This road stretches from the most southerly point of Patagonia right up to the northern regions. The 5,000-kilometre journey will take more than just a few days, so make sure you set aside plenty of time for this.


Argentina's cities are very cosmopolitan, and none more so than Buenos Aires. This said, Argentina's lively arts and culture scene is evident not just in the major cities, but throughout the country. Most of the language schools in Argentina are located in the bigger cities where you can expect excellent infrastructure and a wide range of leisure activities. This includes the tango, which plays an important role in Argentine culture. The passion and desire expressed through this dance are deeply rooted in the souls of the Argentine people. Needless to say, there are plenty of dance clubs that are well worth a visit during your language study trip to Argentina.


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