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A language study trip to Spain promises a wealth of cultural attractions, spirited, friendly and hospitable people, as well as diverse cities and landscapes.


Spain is almost entirely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Fine sandy beaches and brilliant blue waters can be found pretty much all around the country. Barren rock formations and cliffs create a peculiar yet romantic setting. To reduce Spain to its beaches would not do justice to the diversity of this country. There are only a few other countries in the world that have as many biosphere reserves as Spain. Lush green valleys give way to immense mountain ranges where raging rivers flow into mirror-like lakes. The arid plains of Central Spain are characterised by rolling hills and windmills with rotating blades that maintain a steady rhythm.


Spain's rich culture is in no way inferior to its natural diversity. Cinematography, painting, architecture and dance are just some of the country's many cultural attributes. Cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Valencia are home to a wealth of attractions, museums and magnificent buildings, both old and new. History buffs should not pass up on the opportunity to visit the southern regions. Andalusia, in particular, still houses some impressive relics from the time of the Moorish occupation. The colourful mosques, giant palaces and phenomenal towers are definitely worth a visit. During a language study trip to Spain, let yourself be guided by the rhythm of the Flamenco, the hospitality of the locals and the spirit of the language.


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